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Carbon Molecular Sieve

  • Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220
  • Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220
  • Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220
Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220

Carbon Molecular Sieve CMS220

  • Carbon molecular sieve not only has strong adsorption capacity but also can effectively separate oxygen and nitrogen molecules, making it the preferred adsorbent for pressure swing adsorption nitrogen

Carbon molecular sieve is a type of carbonized chemical substance,not a material made of carbon.The component of its raw material is mainly phenolic resin.

Its internal special pore structure can effectively separate oxygen and nitrogen molecules, while possessing strong oxygen molecule adsorption ability, making them an ideal adsorbent for pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generation.

Product Work Principle

Carbon molecular sieve contains a large number of micropores with 3.0 angstrom aperture, which is exactly between the diameters of oxygen and nitrogen molecules (2.9 angstrom for oxygen molecule and 3.1 angstrom for nitrogen molecules). In the process of of nitrogen generation, when compressed air flows through the adsorption bed composed by carbon molecular sieve, oxygen molecules can pass through the micropores of carbon molecular sieve and diffused into its wall, while the entering of nitrogen molecules are restricted and discharged from the top of adsorption vessels,thereby achieving nitrogen gas enrichment.

Product Production Procedure

The production of carbon molecular sieve mainly includes five procedures: grinding, extrusion, carbonization, activation, and pore formation. Throughout the entire production process, carbonization and pore formation are the key to the production process. The adsorption and separation of oxygen and nitrogen of the product mainly depend on the carbonization and pore forming techniques, respectively.

Huzhou Boda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has over 20 years of production experience. We adopt the most advanced activation and pore forming technology, and our carbon molecular sieve is well-known in the industry for its strong adsorption performance and stable nitrogen production rate.

Product Supporting Equipment

The reactor used for carbon molecular sieve nitrogen generation is called pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator and also known as nitrogen reactor.

PSA nitrogen generator is generally equipped with two adsorption towers (Tower A and Tower B) equipped with carbon molecular sieves. During the nitrogen production process, the carbon molecular sieves in one tower are in the oxygen adsorption process, while the carbon molecular sieves in the other tower are in the oxygen desorption process. The carbon molecular sieves in Tower A are alternately adsorbed by the carbon molecular sieves in Tower B, thus achieving continuous nitrogen production.

Product Technical Parameter

Description Carbon Molecular Sieve
Application PSA nitrogen generation
Particle Diameter 1.0-1.3mm/1.3-1.5mm/1.5-1.8mm for option
H/D ratio 1.5:4.0
Crush Strength 35N-70N (Depend on particle diameter)
Bulk Density 620gsm/ml
Test Temperature 20 degree Celsius
Test Adsorption Cycle 40s
Model Adsorption Pressure Nitrogen Purity Nitrogen Yeild Air/N2 Ratio
CMS220 0.7Mpa 95% 420 2.0
96% 380 2.1
97% 340 2.2
98% 300 2.3
99% 260 2.5
99.5% 220 3.1
99.9% 145 4.1

Product Application

  • 1-) Metal heat Treat Industry (Nitrogen play a role as protective gas)

2-) Chemical Industry (Nitrogen gas is a main raw material of industrial synthetic ammonia,synthetic rubber, etc)

3-) Electronic Industry (nitrogen source for processing of large-scale integrated circuits)

4-) Metallurgical Industry (Nitrogen play a role as protection gas and purge gas in the process of metallurge)

5-) Food packaging Industry (Packaging charge with nitrogen gas can maintain freshness and prevent food spoilage)

6-) Pharmaceutical Industry (Gas source for pneumatic transportation of medicinal materials)

7-) Fertilizer Industry (Auxiliary material for fertilizer production)

8-) Plastic &  Rubber Industry (Isolating oxygen to prevent oxidation of plastic and rubber products)

9-) Glass Industry (Protection gas in the process of float glasses manufacturing)

10-) Petroleum Industry (Charging gas for petrolium purification)

11-) Offshore Oil Exploration Industry (Rocket fuel booster gas,launch pad replace gas and protective gas)

12-) Mining Industry (Protective gas for explosion-proofing and fir extinguish)

13-) Sea Freight Industry (Protection gas of liners cleaning)

14-) Aerospace Industry (Rocket fuel booster gas,launch pad replace gas and protective gas)

15-) Paint Industry (Charge nitrogen exhaust oxygen to prevent paint dryeing)

Product Packaging

Carbon molecular sieve can choose 20Kgs,40kgs,and 137Kgs plastic drum pckage

20Kgs and 40Kgs package is suggest for small and medium size PSA nitrogen generator

137Kgs package are suggest for big size PSA nitrogen generator

20Kgs Package 40Kgs Package 137Kgs Package

Product Storage

1-) Carbon molecular sieve should strore in origin package and do not replace package suppose unnecessary

2-) Store in dry and well ventilated warehouse,keep aways from fire source and water

3-) Avoid expose to strong sun shine for long time

4-) Do not open the package before use.

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