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    Carbon Molecular Sieve Production Resumption after Coronavirus Strike

    China striked by corona virus  at the eve of Chiese Spring Festival of 2020,coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan city of Hubei Province and spread to the whole country at a high speed. In order to contain coronavirus spread,Chinese central goverment come out emergent policy to blockade the severe hitted cities.from 24-Jan,accumulative infected causes reached to 80,000 and involve 18 province of the whole country.Carbon molecular sieve production resumption

    Under the strong leadership of the central government and the joint efforts of the whole country, China has won the periodic victory in the battle against coronavirus. At the beginning of February, A turning point emerged, The spread of coronavirus was contained effectively and the number of infected cases gradually decreased. In this case, the state allows enterprises resume production step by step. As the leader in the industry of carbon molecular manufacturing,by approval of Municipal Enterprise Management Bureau and Epidemic Prevention Office, our company is contained in the first batch resumption enterprises and permit to resume production on February 15,2020 officially.

    After production resumption,production department began to implement 24-hours production in 3 shifts in order to complete all carbon molecular sieve purchase order in the most possible short time to meet customer urgent requirement.In order to guaranteeing life security for the entire empolyees and escorting the smooth production,we orgaized a temporary epidemic prevention department which is responsible for disinfecting all the production workshops and working places every day,distributing protection mask and continuously body temperature testing for all empolyees.

    Although the epidemic has affected the supply of carbon molecular sieves for a period of time, it can not shake the strong belief of all our staff. We believe that we can still achieve greater achievements in 2020.