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Carbon Molecular Sieve Manufacturer


Hotek Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. is well-known as a high-tech & modern enterprise,specialized in the researching and manufacturing of carbon molecular sieve.Aim to boost the production technology of China carbon molecular sieve.

Established in 1982,located in the district of Yangtze Delta,occupy a area of 8,000 sq.meters,owned around 300 workers.Production capacity have breakthrough 2,000 Tons annually and export rate count for 70% of its general turnover.Benfit from the policy of "openning and reform",Hotek developed rapidly in the first 20 years.During this period,Hotek gathered a group of professional R&D and experienced technical personnel whom become the backbone of the future Hotek,lay the foundation for its long-terms development.

Hotek maintains close ties with domestic first-class colleges,In return for its long-terms economic aid,college researching institutions provide theoretical guidance for its product researching and development.With its help,Hotek has gained more than 30 state patents on carbon molecular sieve manufacturing technology. By its researching and development advantages,Hotek could transform the latest production technology into productivity in the shortest possible time,so its product renewal is extremely active,Its supplied carbon molecular sieve have upgraded from initial CMS200 (Nitrogen yield 200Nm3/h*t) to today`s CMS260 (Nitrogen yield 260Nm3/h*t).

Hotek is the initial member of China Molecular Sieve Standard Committee (CMSSC),its members main functions are promote industry exchanges and participate in the drafting of the industry standard,So as to guide the healthy development of the whole industry of carbon molecular sieve.
In past few decades,Hotek have won customers high appraise by its excellent quality and professional services.Have successfully established a extensive and independent global sales network,export to UK,USA,Italy,Poland,Turkey,Brazil,Iran,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Korea India,Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia and Pakistan,etc.more than 30 countries,Pepresentative clients including some well-known multinational enterprises,such as Sinopec,CNPC,Onsite Gas,SMC,etc

Hotek is not only the pioneer but also the model enterprise in the fields of China carbon molecular sieve manufacturing.Its latest developed premium product CMSHP-1 series has officially put into market,by the end-user tryout,nitrogen yield have reached 300Nm3/h*t),this is a breakthough in the fields of carbon molecular sieve manufacturing.It is proved that Hotek rank in the world leading position,whatever,interms of its owned production technology or its existing production capacity.

Thanks for customers consistent support,Hotek would uphold the spirits of "Dedication,Efficiency,Aggressiveness,Innovation" to improve the quaity and services in return to customers trust.