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    Process of PSA Nitrogen Generation

    Carbon molecular sieve (CMS) play a very vital role in the process of nitrogen generation,oxygen molecules,carbon dioxide and other impurities molecules are adsorbed and nitrogen molecules are release result in the enrichment of nitrogen by PSA technology (PSA is a new type of gas separation technology,by the method of air pressure adjusting to change adsorbent adsorptive capability to achieve gas separation at ambient temperature).

    pressure swing adsorption process

    Adsorption towers are filled with carbon molecular sieve in the process of nitrogen separation,when the air-fed flows through the adsorption bed (adsorption bed is consist of carbon molecular sieve),majority of the oxygen,carbon dioxide and impurities are adsorbed,so as to achieve the separation of nitrogen gas.

    Two adsorption towers are available in the process of Nitrogen separation (Tower A and Tower B),when the carbon molecular sieve of tower A reached its adsorption saturation,the air-feed would flow into tower B lead to the rapid pressure increasing of tower B.When the pressure of the two towers reached equilibrium,Tower A would start to excluding exhausted gas for decompressure,then oxygen,carbo dioxide,impurities are released,Thus,carbon molecular sieve get regeneration pprepare for the adsorption for next the same times,the carbon molecular sieve of Tower B is in adsorption as its pressure is increased by the way of pressure the process of nitrogen generation,carbon molecular sieve of one tower in adsportion then another tower in deadsorption,therefore continuous nitrogen gas could be obtained.