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    Carbon molecular sieve appalication


    1-) Refineries and Chemicals Plants

    Nitrgen generated by carbon molecular sieve is being used with an uptoward tendency for intertizi in a variety of processes in the chemical and petro chemical industries particularly to avoid oxidations reaction and even combution and explosions.

    2-) Bear,Wine and Juice

    Storing,refilling and bottling of beverages such as bear,wine and fruit juices are being effect more and more frequently with nitrogen,due to its extremely low solubility and its inertharacter,provides the desired neutral atmosphere.  


    3-) Oil and Gas Platform

    CMS-Nitrogen is used for inertizing purposes on offshore platform.The application herein used to displace atmospheric air to prevent fires and explosions.


    4-) Prolong Food Shelf Life

    The business of daily food supply is full of challenges,as requirement of quality and freshness for the food is increasing. Supplying a broad public with fresh foods and vegetables over longer period of time is no longer possible without transportation and storage in a controlled atmosphere one of which is nitrogen with the desired low oxygen content,produced by CMS.


    5-) Meltal Hote Treatment

    In the process of heat treatment,carbon molecular sieve generated nitrogen is provided as protective gas and safe gas for the industrial furnace to prevent the oxidation of the metallic product


    6-) Pipelines

    Service and maintenance work at oil and gas pipelines offer require nitrogen intization to protect the crews agasint fire and exposure.In many cases the nitrogen can be supplied by mobile PSA systems. 


    7-) Electrics and Laborartory Applications

    The extremely quality requirements in the production of electronic components (microchips,for example)and increasing demands in regard to modern analysis method can in any cases be satisfy with pure nitrogen (99.99% Vol.-% e.g.) generated by CMS.


    8-) Tankers and Storaged Tankers

    Where is tankers used to ship liquefied natural gas,oil or chemicals,or in stationary storage vessels, nitrogen is used as blanket gas and for puring. In most cases,nitrogen serves and explosion prevention function and protects against undesired reactions of oxygen with thecontents of tankers