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    Carbon Molecular Sieve Separate Nitrogen Process

    Use carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent by the means of  pressure sewing adsorption to separate nitrogen from the air is known as carbon molecular sieve nitrogen separation.separate nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve is the most favorite method used in industry nitrogen fields,its main procedure as following.

    1-) Adsorption,PSA nitrogen generator owned two adsorption tower (Tower A and Tower B) filled with carbon molecular sieve,Air is fed to the adsorption tower A by the means of air compressor from the inlet at the bottom of the adsorption tower.Oxygen,carbon dioxide and water are adsorbed when gasous stream flow through carbon molecular sieve. Nitrogen gas product flow into nitrogen buffer.

    2-) Pressure equilibrium,after a while (around 60 second),carbon molecular sieve of twoer A reached its adsorption saturation, then stop adsorb and start to equilibrate the pressure of adsorption tower B.Therefore the pressure of adsorption tower B is increased rapidly and carbon molecular sieve of adsorption tower B start adsorption. So called pressure equilibrium is to connect the two adsorption towers,let gas stream flow from one adsorption tower (adsorption process complete tower) to another adsorption tower (ready for adsorption tower),finally reach pressure equilibrium of the two adsorption towers.

    3-)Desorption,when the pressure equilibrium finished,the exhausted gas from adsorption tower A is excerted,the pressure of adsorption tower A is reduced rapidly,Therefore oxygen,carbon dioxide and water is released or desorbed,thus carbon molecular sieve is regenerated and prepared for next cycle adsorption.

    4-)Purge,The saturated adsorber is regenerated by means of depressureization and additionally by purging with nitrogen produced by another adsorber in order to remove the adsorbed oxygen,carbon dioxide and water completely,the wasted gas is vented to the atmosphere.

    carbon molecular sieve separate nitrogen process