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    Carbon Molecular Sieve Work Principle

    Carbon molecular sieve is use of its Screening charactoristics to Carbon molecular sieve work principleachieve the separation of  oxygen and nitrogen.In the process of impurities adsorption,macropore and mesopore play a role of channel deliver the adsorbed molecules into micropores and sub micropores,The micropores and sub miscropores are worked for adsorption.As show in the figure,there are large number of micropores are containerd by carbon molecular sieve internally,these micropores allow smaller size molecules diffused into the hole rapidly then limite the entery of large diameter molecules, Since different gas molecules in different diffusion rate,Thus the composition of gas mixture could be separated effectively.

    Therefore,in the carbon molecular sieve manufacturing process,the apeture of micropores should controlled between 0.28~0.38nm,apeture within this scope,oxygen molecules could pass though and diffuse into side rapidly and the entery of nitrogen molecules is limited,thus achived the purpose of oxygen and nitrogen separation.micropores apeture is the basis for the separation of oxygen and nitrogen.Suppose the apeture is large,both oxygen molecules and nitrogen molecules could pass throught easily then separation purchase could not reach.On the contrary, suppose the apeture of micropores is mall,both oxygen molecules and nitrogen molecules entery is limited,separation purpose could not reach as well.








    HTK factory covers a area of 4,500 squre meters and is made up of four workshops (smash workshop/molding workshop/

    carbonization workshop/deposition workshop).

    In the year of 2015,more production facilities are added in order to meet the increasing demand from oversea market

    sufficiently.nowdays,production capacity for carbon molecular sieve is 180 Tons monthly.

     Crushing Workshop  Moulding Workshop  Carbonizing Workshop  Vapor Desposition Workshop



    In production process HTK implement ISO9001 (2008) management system strictly,all workshops manager must trained by

    ISO9001 (2008) certificate organization and pass its related assessment before induction.

    Carbon Molecular Sieve Production Flow Chart