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    Carbon molecular sieve development

    R&D ability represent enterprise production  technology status,it is the engine for enterprise to keep sustainable development.HTK R&D consist in 6 balent whom is enthsiastic in the researching of carbon molecular sieve manufacturering technology.

    R&D team leading by a researcher who have been ever a member of state chemical research institution, two of them gain engneer title in carbon element research fields and rest three are of bachelor degree in chemical major.



    Durin past 15 years the RD center have make a big contribution in HTK carbon molecular sieve performance improvement,series of achievement including coal-based carbon molecular sieve technology applied to phenolic resin based carbon molecular sieve manufacture technology successfully,which result in a nitrogen yield soaring increasing from intial 30M3/H*T to 200M3/H*T,which regards as the technology revolution in China carbon molecular sieve development history.Today,Hotek HTK-CMS260 nitrogen yield have breakthough 260M3/H*T.

    Another achievement is that the RD center work out the precursor system preparation technology,which could make HTK carbon molecular sieve in the most conentrated pore and the total surface area with result in the increasing of nitrogen molecular adsorption further more,today Hotek HTKCMS260 nitrogen yield have breakthrougth 260M3/H*T successfully.


    HTK R&D center have been invested over US$1,500,000 till now,equiped with series advanced trial equipment including thermo gravimetric analyzer (STA449C of NETZSCH brand from Germany),scanning telecon microscope (STM302S from Japan),vapor adsorption instrument (nova4200E of QUANTACHROME brand from Americal),etc.

     Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer  Scanning Electron Microscope  Surface Area Analyzer  Vapor Adsorption Instrument


    In order to make profound understanding on carbon molecular sieve application and strive for the continouse of its performance improvement,HTK have established common technology communication platform with their customers R&D division.

    Meanwhile the R&D center cooperated with internal top-level college and state chemical research institute for common research and transform the research achievement in to production force in order to keep the advancement in manufacturing technology.