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    Columnar Activated Carbon For VOCs Removal

    Product Description and Application

    Columnar activated carbon is a type of ideal  adsorbent material for removal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from air.

    VOCs are organic chemicals that easily evaporate into the air at ambient temperature and can have harmful effects on

    human health.

    Product Working Principle

    The working principle is that activated carbon adsorb VOCs onto surface because of its porous structure and large surface

    area.In the process of adsorption VOCs molecules are atracted to the surface of activated carbon and held by the force of

    VDW (Van der Waals`force).So as to reach the purpose of odorless,clean and health environment.Columnar activated

    carbon has a particular effect for removal of VOCs because of its porous struture form channel for air pass through,

    therefore providing the maximum surface area for adsorption occurrence,making it the most ideal material for air

    purification systems.

    Product Specification




    Particle Size






    Iodine Value



    Moisture Content



    Ash Content






    Bulk Density




    Product Selection Notice:

    Property is very important for product selecting,when selecting columnar columnar activated carbon for VOC removal,pls

    check the CTC or Iodine value first.only the proper product can realize expection effection.