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    Coconut Mat for PSA Generator

    Coconut Mat is made of palm fibre (so it is also named Palm fibre mat), Since the palm fibre have a charactoristic of good elastic,so it is used to produce coconut mat use to provent the pulverization of carbon molecular sieve in the process of nitrogen gas generation.

    Stuffing the adsorption tower by scientific method could avoid the pulverization of carbon molecular sieve,a improper stuffing method would result in the pulverization of carbon molecular sieve,shorten its uselife. In the process of carbon molecular sieve stuffing,some auxiliary equipment is used normally in order avoid the exsit of spare space.Suppose,the spare space is exist,it would result in the friction and crush between carbon molecular sieves when it is impact by the airflow in the process of nitrogen generation,then easy result in the pulverization of carbon molecular sieve.

    Though adsorption tower is tightly filled,after a period of running,more and more extra space is generated along with the downward deposition of carbon molecular sieve.Then coconut mat would start to play its role.At the beginging,the coconut mat is squeezed into a thin sheet,then it start to bulging to take up the extra space which generated by carbon molecular sieve downward depositing.In this case,whenever,the carbon molecular sieve in the adsorption tower is tightly filled,then could avoid pulverization caused by friction and crush of the carbon molecular sieves.

    Hotek Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. adopt unique production process for the coconut mat manufacturing,its supplied coconut mat have the maximum elastic ability.Its elastic ability caused pressure is equal to countless mechanical spring effect on the carbon molecular sieve.So that carbon molecular sieve is squeezed together tightly, thus carbon molecular sieve friction caused pulverization could avoid effectively.

    The coconut mat dimension is disgned according to PSA generator,it is in circle shape with a diameter of 1500mm and a thickness of 80mm.

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