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    Carbon Molecular Sieve is in black cylindrical appearance,It is a type of porous material accumulated by carbon element

    and a type of new adsorbent for nitrogen separation.

    Compare with traditional nitrogen making,using carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen making has a series of advantages,

    low investment,low energy consumption,quick installation,high-degree automation,fast production.Therefore,carbon

    molecular sieve become nitrogen separation most preferred adsorbent in industry fields.Nitrogen separated by carbon

    molecular sieve is widely used in the industry of metallurgy,metal heat-treatment,chemical,medicine,pipeline transport,

    oil extractions,storage and any other fields.

    Working Principle

    The principle of nitrogen separation by carbon molecular sieve is on the basis of gas molecule dynamics.In dynamics,gas

    molecules diffusion rate is depend on its molecule size.

    The size of oxygen molecule is smaller than the size of

    nitrogen molecule.Thefore,oxygen molecule diffusion rate

    is faster than nitrogen molecule.

    Carbon molecular contain large number of micropores care

    capable for the adsorption of gas molecules.When gas stream

    flow through carbon molecular sieves,adsorption for oxygen

    molecules reached saturation in a short time.But adsorption

    for nitrogen molecules is limited.The mojority of nitrogen

    molecules are separated from the gas mixture by carbon molecular sieves,Therefore,the product of nitrogen is enriched.



    CMS Type Adsorption Pressure

    Nitrogen Purity


    Nitrogen Yield


    Nitrogen Recovery


    CMS220 0.8Mpa 97  340  57
    98  260  45
    99  245  42
    99.5  220  40
    99.9  140  27
    99.99 100 22
    99.999  55  14
    CMS240 0.8Mpa 97  360 50
    98  285 46
    99  260 43
    99.5  240 40
    99.9  155 29
    99.99 110 23
    99.999  65 15
    CMS260 0.8Mpa 99  320  46
    99.5  260  40
    99.9  175  29
    99.99  120  22
    99.999  70  15
    Test Temperature All above CMS type tested at the ambient temperature
    Particle Diameter Particle diameter 1.3~1.6mm
    Bulk density 630~660g/l
    Crush Strength 90~100N/Granule
    Adsorption cycle 2*60s
    Work lifespan 7~8 years
    Packing 20kgs/40kgs/75kgs capacity plastic drum for option,palletized loading is acceptable



    So called regeneration, in actual is to restore the adsorption capability of carbon molecular sieve to its normal standard by the method of activation.
    In long time use process,micropores of carbon molecular sieve are clogged by its excessive adsorbed moisture,rare gases and greasy substances from the air.This phenomeno is called carbon molecular sieve poisioning.Once the micropores are clogged,carbon molecular sieve adsorption capacity would reduce gradually,therefore,result in the deduction of nitrogen productivity and increasing of energy consumption.
    Regeneration technology for carbon molecular sieve is a new technology, it is research and developed by ourself according to market demand.
    According to feeback from end user and test result from state test center, it is proved that the regenerated carbon molecular sieve adsorption performance could completely retored to normal standard.
    The birth of this technology made carbon molecular sieve recycle use come true.It not only effectively protected the natural environment, but also greatly reduced the production cost for the nitrogen production.


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