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Product & Application

Product & Application

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is developed in 1970s,It is a type of new adsorbent as well as non-polar carbon element material used for nitrogen generation.Using carbon molecular sieve as absorbent to separate nitrogen from the air by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology at ambient temperature is known as PSA nitrogen making.

Compare with traditional technology,PSA nitrogen making has a series of advantages,low investment,low energy consumption,quick installation,high-degree of automation,speed production,adjustable nitrogen purity.Therefore,carbon molecular sieve become the most preferred adsorbent for psa nitrogen generation in industry fields.This type of nitrogen is widely used in the industry of metallurgy,oil extraction,chemical,mdecine,natrual gas,electronics,food preservation,mining,metal heat-treatment,pipeline transport,storage and any other fields.

With the completion of psa technology and the expanding of its application,Carbon molecular sieve demand is increasing continually.This would futher promote the development of carbon molecular sieve manufacturing industry.Meantime,with the complication of application,required standard in respect of nitrogen yield,nitrogen recovery,bulk density and crush strength for carbon molecular sieve getting more critical.Improve product performance would become the industry tend of future development.

Product Characteristics

Persue quality improvement,engery saving,environment protection is our product researching and development pernanent tenent,So Hotek carbon molecular sieve have a series characteristics

1-) Outstanding Nitrogen Generation Capability
Hotek owned the world most advanced production technology in the fields of carbon molecular sieve manufacturing.Nitrogen yield of its latest developed product has breakthrough 300Nm3/h*t.
2-) High Recovery Rate of Nitrogen
Hotek carbon molecular sieve show outstanding nitrogen recovery performance,its nitrogen recovery rate is far better than industry average level.Thus saving energy consumption for the end user.
3-) Low Content of Ash
Ash content of product could be controlled within 1mt%,dut to Hotek carbon molecular sieve is 100% made of coconut shell,It is benefit for PSA nitrogen generator maintenance,as well as production environment protection on site.

Product Related Certificate

 Material Safety Data Sheet  Seashipment Safe Transport Certification  ISO9001:2008 Certificate  SGS Certificate